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Acquisition Source

Given today’s residential real estate market, finding an off-market opportunity at a good price with great return potential takes time, money and tough negotiating. Why waste your time and money looking for your next investment property yourself? One of our greatest strengths as a company is finding the best off-market opportunities for our investors, ensuring them over 24% annualized return on their investment. Want to be on our distribution list for when new properties become available?

Real Estate Investment Strategies

There is no one specific path to pursue when it comes to real estate investment strategies. Different types of real estate investors have different types of goals, and we offer strategies to suit them all. For example, one investor may be in the market for a fix and flip property, while another is off on a different path entirely. The bottom line is that no matter your goals, we can help you to grow your investment portfolio through inspired and creative investments.

Strategic Partnerships

L&H Asset Advocates is open to all types of real estate investments, including those that bring more strategic partnerships to our business. Given the right real estate partner, such relationships can be mutually beneficial on every level. If you are interested in partnering with our group, there are many ways to go about it.

Fix & Flip Consulting

There is an art to fix and flip consulting, and it is one we have perfected at L&H. If you are in the market for a fix and flip property, or several for that matter, we can offer you strategies and advice that will allow you your highest return on investment. We work with real estate investors every day, some green and some seasoned. Whatever the case, they all share the same goal of maximizing their return on their real estate investment.

Vendor Relationships

One of our finest attributes is the ability to meet the many different needs of our customers. The connections our principals have made over the course of a combined 30 years in this industry allow us to provide a wide array of vendor options and address each client’s specific needs, whether they be for a broker, insurance, financing, or demolition. If you are in need of a referral for any project need, we have the solution.