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1. What does it cost to submit a loan request?

It is FREE to submit a loan request. Borrowers can visit AssetAdvocates.com, answer a few questions and receive conditional approval for a commercial real estate loan within minutes with no obligation to proceed with the loan application process. Asset Advocates has developed relationships with dozens of National Lenders which let borrowers quickly see the rates and loan amounts they could qualify for under several different loan programs, letting borrowers choose the loan program that makes the most sense for them.

2. What kind of Loans can I get?

Asset Advocate currently offers loans to purchase or refinance commercial and non-owner-occupied residential real estate. For borrowers needing to close quickly, we also offer short-term bridge financing. Interest rates vary depending on property and borrower characteristics. All loans are interest only with maturities ranging from six months to five years (or more) with no prepayment penalties.

3. Do I need to have Good credit to get a loan?

No. Good credit is helpful, but not required. Moreover, we�� place more emphasis on deal/property characteristics than borrower characteristics.

For stabilized/cash-flowing commercial properties, we will typically approve a loan request if the Loan to Value ratio is less than 75% and the global Debt Service Coverage ratio is greater than 1.35x.

For property rehabilitation loans, we will typically approve loan requests if the Loan to Purchase Price ratio is up to 90%, the Loan to Cost (including the budget for the rehab) is less than 70%, and the estimated Loan to After-repair Value (once the property is sold) is less than 65%.

4. How can I get Started?

It���s simple. On the home page (www.AssetAdvocates.com), simply select BORROW NOW. You will then be prompted to answer a few more questions. This process typically takes three minutes or less. You will then receive conditional approval with terms available for your specific needs.

5. What loan products do you specialize in?

We specialize in loans to real-estate investors who purchase residential properties at a discount, rehab them and then, profitably, re-sell them within six to nine months. We also underwrite single-family and multi-family residential new construction.

6. Can the borrower hold title in a Corporation or LLC?

We prefer to lend to a corporate entity but we also require personal guarantees of the principals and we review the governing Company by-laws and operating agreements.

7. Do you lend to owner occupiers?

No, we only lend to investors.

8. Do you offer new construction financing?

Yes, but only to experienced builders.

9. Do you determine the value of the property solely by using an appraisal?

No, we use a ninety-day disposition value for our valuation of the property, determined solely by us and using a combination of valuation techniques including a broker price opinion (BPO), and recent sales including foreclosure sales.

10. How soon can I expect funding?

In as little as 7-10 days after the required documentation is provided.�� Typically we can have a deal funded on an average of 14 business days.

11. How soon can I expect a preliminary approval?

Usually within 24 hours if the submission is complete.